What’s Your Strata Code Of Conduct?

In light of recent changes to NSW Strata legislation, it’s time to review your Strata Committee Code of Conduct. Conduct such as bullying, intimidation or other abusive behaviours are never ok. Unfortunately, strata living can create a situation where this behaviour emerges. The revised strata laws now make it easier to remove a strata committee […]

Risk Management For Strata

With an increasing and broad range of issues in strata management in 2023, it is important that owners corporations understand risk and take key steps to manage risk.  The owners corporation bears the primary responsibility for common property, and that liability has been proven out in the court system. Safety Of Common Property It is […]

Key Changes To NSW Strata Scheme Laws 2023

Following our last newsletter, we provide more detail on the important new changes to strata scheme laws by the NSW Government commenced 11 December, 2023.  The purpose of these changes was to address pain points raised in recent years during public consultation, and ultimately, to improve strata living. Under the Strata Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 changes have […]

New In Strata 2024

With strata living continuing to grow at an accelerated pace in Sydney and surrounds, the roles of strata committee and strata manager play an integral role in managing the complexities of common spaces and community living. Looking ahead in 2024, we are seeking to improve our services to our owners corporations in several key areas: […]

What’s Your Strata Reputation Worth?

In the world of real estate, we often hear ‘location, location, location’ as a catch cry for value. It implies a dress-circle neighbourhood, quality, credibility and desirability – many of the things that will help drive good resale value. However, within the context of selling a strata property, the criteria more often than not is, […]

Decoding Strata Insurance: What Does It Cover?

With the tightening market, insurers are choosing what risks they take on, if any. Whilst it is required that Strata Schemes must have insurance in accordance with the legislation, it is not compulsory for insurers to provide a policy. It is becoming common that some buildings are left with reduced terms or no insurance.   What […]

Get Proactive With Strata Maintenance

It may be time to review your strata maintenance. Maintenance is so important for buildings, for resale and rentability. It’s also vital to ensure resident and visitor safety and security and to help avoid legal issues or future, more costly repairs. In addition, maintenance serves to prevent property damage from fire and the effects of […]

Managing Costs In The Current Environment

Managing Costs in The Current Environment

Over the past 12 months, inflationary pressures, natural disasters, supply chain disruption and rising re-insurance costs, have continued to impact insurer performance and market outcomes. With the impact of these factors driving up insurance costs by up to 15-25%, we examine what strata committees can do about it. We offer a structured approach to this […]

Be Your Best With McCormacks Academy

Want to be an exceptional committee member? We recently launched McCormacks Academy, a series of educational training sessions, exclusive to McCormacks clients. The goal is to help you work better together, and enable you to be the best committee member you can be in 2023! Whether you’re new to committees, or a seasoned pro, everyone […]

Top 2023 Strata Trends & Tips

The good news is Australia’s 61 years-old strata industry is flourishing. In fact, it has doubled in 20 years. The last two decades of growth has been cumulative rather than cyclical, with each release of lots into the market adding to the industry’s dwelling stock. The growth is driven in large part by residential apartment […]