It may be time to review your strata maintenance.

Maintenance is so important for buildings, for resale and rentability. It’s also vital to ensure resident and visitor safety and security and to help avoid legal issues or future, more costly repairs.

In addition, maintenance serves to prevent property damage from fire and the effects of adverse weather events.

First, let’s look at areas of responsibility for maintenance items. As we know, common areas are the responsibility of the owners corporation. However, there is crossover with owner responsibility in some areas.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Here is a helpful guide provided by the Strata Community Association.

How to keep your Sydney strata property maintained?

  1. Keep on top of routine maintenance and repairs – These are written into the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015. Owners have a responsibility to keep their property in good condition and maintain aesthetic appeal.
  2. Structural improvements – It is in the interest of all the owners to bring the property up to date by improving its functionality. This will increase market value overall, while attracting quality rental tenants. Improving landscaping, renovating balconies or adding security can all contribute to property appeal.
  3. Major renovations – Installing elevators and other significant upgrades require approval by the owners corporation, and McCormacks Strata Management can help provide leadership advice for making the best investment and financial strategy.

Repairs and Maintenance Checklist

Your AGM is the ideal opportunity to review and develop your maintenance plan overall.

Guide to major replacement items:

Guide to common property items:

Building Management System

Dangerous Goods Storage

Emergency Management

Energy efficiency

Fire protection equipment

Gardening and grounds maintenance


Trips and slip hazards

Waste management


Contact the team at McCormacks for more information and guidance on your strata property maintenance plan.