With the rapid growth in strata living, there is no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all strata scheme’. Therefore, it stands to reason that your strata manager should also be the right match for your scheme. And this requires careful consideration in today’s strata environment.

At McCormacks, we know that excellent strata management starts with good relationships. We build relationships over time, by matching the right strata management to lead your complex.

For example, your complex might include amenities and features that require special knowledge, or a sophisticated approach with a challenging owners committee. It might be that your community is a lot of 12 or a lot of 112.

Each complex has its own unique challenges from which we draw on our experience in managing Sydney’s premier properties – small and large, simple or complex.

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Every scheme has a customised plan, through which McCormacks as a team expertly guides our clients.

When it comes down to personality fit with a particular strata manager, with our unique approach and collaborative management of each of the properties we manage, we listen carefully and make changes to uphold the highest levels of service and expertise, to ensure a great match and outcomes for your scheme with the McCormacks team.

The Qualities Of A High Performing Strata Manager

With McCormacks’ unique approach, we are able to deliver the five key qualities any strata committee should be looking for in a strata manager:

  1. Professional – Your strata manager must act professionally and personably at all times. Dealing with a diverse range of personalities and issues, it is essential that you trust your strata manager to engage with owners and committee members in a professional way on top of managing your efficiently and with the highest level of integrity.
  2. Experienced – In strata today, the best strata managers have experience in every aspect of managing a property of any size and scope – and has the knowledge and skills to administer the owners corporation according to the legislation. They must be several steps ahead of the owners committee in navigating any and all challenges.
  3. Proactive – Ensuring the integrity of your building as well as helping our clients anticipate upcoming changes and challenges, is vital to high quality strata management. McCormacks has a system in place for anticipating the needs of our clients, and their requirements for the future – whether that be remedial works planning, technology enhancements for instant communication and convenience through the McCormacks CONNECT app, or being proactive with property maintenance.
  4. Transparent –The cornerstone of trust between your strata scheme and your strata manager is driven by transparency. It guides the proper administration of your scheme. As much of a property’s success rides on financial matters, it is crucial that a strata manager is not ‘going it alone’. This requires professional and accurate reporting of all financial transactions, and transparent, effective and appropriate consultation especially when it comes to engaging service providers.
  5. A Good Communicator – Most conflicts in strata management arise from poor communication. Having a professional on your side, who facilitates an open and healthy line of communication amongst owners – including listening to their needs – is vital to avoiding conflict and in progressing the right solutions.

McCormacks Unique Approach Ensures The Right Match

And this is where our unique infrastructure and approach to strata management helps nurture successful long-term client relationships – as evidenced by our 99% client retention rate:

  1. Professional Leadership – Each of our strata managers is highly experienced with a professional background. This enables us to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Their varied expertise ensures comprehensive and tailored management solutions for every property.
  2. A Low Building-To-Manager Ratio – We offer a customised approach for each building, maintaining an industry-leading buildings-per-manager ration of less than one-third of the industry average. This allows us to deliver thoughtful, compliant, and unique solutions for your complex challenges.
  3. A Robust Infrastructure and Collaborative Team – With Hugh McCormack’s 30 years of strata management leadership supporting our strata managers, we ensure his involvement in each complex at the highest level. This is in addition to providing expert financial advisory services and in-house legal guidance.  
  4. Personalised Strata Management For All Types of Complex – Whether your complex is a medium-sized residential or large mixed-use property, our team is dedicated to providing the same level of attention, expertise and tailored solutions appropriate for your complex.

With our collaborative management of each of the properties we manage, we uphold the highest levels of service and expertise, while ensuring a great personality fit with the McCormacks team.

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